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UZURIA “Scents of Africa” was founded in South Africa in 2015 with the desire to design and develop uniquely African, handcrafted, Home Fragrance products.

UZURIA is a composition of the Swahili word, "uzuri," meaning "beauty," and the letter, “A”, for Africa. We takes pride in displaying African beauty in our products. 

By working closely with artisans and manufacturing our products locally, we know what goes into each product, and can be hands-on in every step of the production, guaranteeing high quality products to our customers.

Our candles are inspired by traditional, African shapes and patterns.

Our scents are unique blends that seek to embody African aromas.

Our vision is to establish UZURIA “Scents of Africa” as a highly-trusted brand that showcases African creativity and know-how, both locally and internationally.


We want to give back and help the local community as best as we can.

For each UZURIA product sold, a fixed percentage goes towards the care of orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable babies at the MUPHAMUZI BABY HOME in Pretoria, South Africa.

Open in February 2012, the MUPHAMUZI BABY HOME exist as a bridge between abandoned and cherished where safety is found and a family is given.

Please CLICK HERE to find out more about the MUPHAMUZI BABY HOME.